Now do the magic with cakes and pastries

Originale® Icing Sugar is a premium blend of refined sugar and high quality corn starch. Originale® Icing Sugar dissolves rapidly in liquids and fats, making it ideal for uniform sweetening and smoother blending. It leaves no grainy texture, imparting a whiter, glossier texture to your baking.

It does not melt in summers and hardens in winters. Try your imagination on cakes, pastries, confections, mousse, butter cream and whipped cream. It is also suitable for filling, frosting, glazing and thickening. It adds a quick decorative touch to cakes and deserts by light dusting.

Available in 480 gms pack


Cubes made of Pharma Grade sugar

Originale® sugar cubes are sparkling white, sharp edged and made of Pharma Grade Sugar that conforms to international standards. The pharma grade sugar undergoes the most stringent quality measures and is manufactured in an air-conditioned environment from high-grade refined sugar using a 5-step filtration process and grading. It’s untouched by hand, to ensure that you get a product that is 100% healthy.

The melt-in-the-mouth goodness of Originale® sugar cubes gives you an unbeatable, truly international taste. Go and enjoy the great taste.

Available in 500 gms pack of 125 cubes


It's Candilicious…

Some call it Sugar Candy, some call it "Mishri", but one thing is for sure that Originale® Sugar Candy is so delicious that even the Gods would feel tempted.

Originale® Sugar Candy is made from 5-time filtered refined sugar in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000 plant that ensures you get transparent candy of uniform shape and size.

Available in 100 gms pack

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