Now there will be zero wastage of sugar in cold preparations

Originale Quick Dissolve Sugar is an extra fine, refined sugar of world-class quality. It is manufactured by re-melting high-grade sugar in an air-conditioned environment, in a unit that conforms to international standards. The product undergoes a five-step filtration process and grading to ensure extremely fine granules which are pure and 100% healthy.

The extra fine granules ensure that the product dissolves 3 times faster than regular sugar, which makes it ideal for cold preparation as it dissolves instantly without any wastage.

Originale Quick Dissolve Sugar leaves no residue, no sugar and no colour when mixed with water. It is also free from pathogenic bacteria and its sulphur and lead content is much below the limit as prescribed in Indian and British pharmacopoeia specifications.

Enjoy Originale Quick Dissolve Sugar with ----

Lemonades, Sherbets, Breakfast cereals, curd and also with tea and coffee.

Available in
  • Re-sealable pack of 500 gms
  • Sachet pack of 40 Sachets

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