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Originale® Sweet'n'SafeTM. A Zero Calorie Sweetener derived from sugar. The new generation aspartame-free sweetener.

What is Originale® Sweet'n'SafeTM?
Originale Sweet'n'SafeTM is a zero calorie sweetener made from a unique molecule called Sucralose.

Does It Taste Like Sugar?
Yes! Sucralose is the only known sweetener which is derived from sugar through a multi-step process that ensures you get the sweetness and taste of regular sugar but without the calories.

How Safe is Originale® Sweet'n'SafeTM?
Originale® Sweet'n'SafeTM is free from Aspartame. It's also safe for diabetics. Sucralose is approved by leading regulatory bodies like US FDA and Joint FAO/WHO expert committee on food additives. Sucralose has undergone clinical trial for over 20 years before its launch and has been found to be safe.

What are the advantages of Originale® Sweet'n'SafeTM?
Plenty! To mention a few…
  1. It's a Zero-Calorie sweetener, whereas Aspartame-based sweeteners contain some calories.

  2. It's derived from sugar; hence gives the natural taste of sugar, whereas Aspartame is chemical-based sweetening agent and has bitter after-taste.

  3. 3. It can withstand high temperature; so it can be used in baking whereas aspartame begins to lose sweetness on prolonged heating.
Available in
  • 110 and 350 Pellets in Pocket Dispensers
  • Sachet pack of 50 Sachets

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