Reduce your sugar intake by half, switch to Originale Half Spoon Low Calorie SugarTM

Sugar is what most people use to sweeten things, but sugar has lots of calories. Then there are artificial sweeteners. These have fewer calories, but they also have bitter after-taste and contain chemical-based sweetening agent.

` Introducing for the 1st time in India Originale Half Spoon Low Calorie SugarTM that reduces your sugar intake by half. Use just half the quantity of regular sugar and see the magic. You will not only get the same taste and sweetness of regular sugar, but your sugar calories will also reduce to half.

Half Spoon is twice sweet as regular sugar and it's to be used just the usual qty.

Available in
  • Re-sealable pack of 240 gms ( 120 servings)
  • Sachet pack of 40 Sachets.

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